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Selected Reading

In English

Afshar, Iradj. “Some Remarks on the Early History of Photography in Iran.” In Qajar Iran: Political, Social and Cultural Change 1800–1925, edited by E. Bosworth and C. Hillenbrand, 261–90. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1983.

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Scarce, Jennifer. “Isfahan in Camera: Nineteenth-Century Persia through the Photographs of Ernst Hoeltzer.” Art and Archeology Research Papers 6 (April 1976): 1–23.

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Stein, Dona. “Three Photographic Traditions in Nineteenth-Century Iran.” Muqarnas 6 (1990): 112–30.

In Persian

Afshar, Iraj. Ganjīne-ye ‘akshā-ye Irān: hamrāh-e tārikh-e vorud-e ‘akkāsi be Irān [A Treasury of Early Iranian Photographs, Together with a Concise Account of How Photography Was First Introduced in Iran]. Tehran: Nashr-e Farhang-e Irān, 1371/1992.

Jalāli, Bahman, Mohammad ‘Ali Meshkāt ol-Molk, and Gh. Rezā Tahāmi, eds. Ganj-e peydā majmu’e-i az ‘akshā-ye ālbomkhāne-ye kākh-e Golestān [Visible Treasure. A Collection of Photographs from Album Khaneh, Golestan Palace Museum]. Tehran: Daftar-e Pazhuheshhā-ye Farhangi, 1377/1998.

Zokā, Yahyā, and Hasan M. Semsār. Tārikh-e ‘akkāsi va akkāsān-e pishgām dar Irān [History of Photography and Pioneer Photographers in Iran]. Tehran: ‘Elmi-Farhangi Publications, 1376/1997.

In Persian and English

Semsār, Hasan M., and F. Sarāyiān. Golestān Palace Photo-Archive: Catalogue of Qajar Selected Photographs. Tehran: Cultural Heritage Organization and Golestān Palace, 1382/2003.

Tahmasbpour, Mohammad Rezā. Nāser-od-din. The photographer king. Tehran: Nashr-e tārikh-e, 1381/2001.

In French

Adle, Chahryar, and Zokā Yahyā. “Notes et documents sur la photographie iranienne et son histoire: I. Les premiers daguerréotypistes c. 1844–1854/1260–1270.” Studia Iranica 12, no. 2 (1983): 249–80.

La Perse vue par Jacques de Morgan. Collection de photographies de l’archéologue français Jean-Jacques de Morgan en Perse 1889–91. Tehran: Golestān Palace, 1381/2001.

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