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The Freer|Sackler store offers visitors a unique shopping experience. Products reflect the collections and exhibitions and are inspired by the art, culture, and history of Asia. Located on sublevel 1 of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the shop carries jewelry, accessories, apparel, home decor, ceramics, textiles, recordings, children’s toys, books, and many other selections.

To purchase products, visit the shop or call 202-633-0503. Smithsonian member discount applies.

Turquoise Mountain: Artists Transforming Afghanistan

When Turquoise Mountain began its work in 2006, many artisans no longer had students to pass their skills on to. The traditional transmission of knowledge from master to pupil was almost lost, destroyed by thirty years of civil war. Today, these master artisans have trained hundreds of students, and ensured the survival of these skills in woodwork, ceramics, jewelry and gem-cutting, and calligraphy and miniature painting.

Lapis lazuli and other opulent gemstones are highlighted in unusual pieces inspired by Afghan design traditions.

The distinctive deep blue ceramics of the Istalifi tradition, finished in natural glazes, is of improved strength and quality.

Central Asian tile makers were once famous throughout the Middle East, decorating mosques and grand buildings across the Islamic world. Afghan woodworkers are masters of styles and techniques, such as jali lattice work and nuristani carving. Works in tile and wood are available as contemporary pieces for everyday use.

Other Featured Items

Sōtatsu catalogue

Tawaraya Sōtatsu (ca. 1570‒ca. 1640), one of the most innovative and imaginative artists of the seventeenth century, faded into near obscurity for the next two hundred years. Today, he is one of the most revered painters in the history of Japanese art. His remarkable story is recounted in Sōtatsu, a comprehensive and lavishly illustrated book featuring insightful essays by leading scholars from the United States and Japan. The artist’s life and craft are illuminated in this 368-page volume through a close examination of his contemporaries, his evolution as a master painter, and his increasing stature in Japan and the West, thanks in part to the efforts of collector Charles Lang Freer.

Sōtatsu scarf

This beautiful design is inspired by Sōtatsu's Screen with Scattered Fans. Printed on the finest quality silk twill with a hand-rolled hem, the Red Fans Oblong Scarf reflects the beauty of Sōtatsu’s extraordinary design and will enhance any outfit.

Sōtatsu mugs
$40 for set of two

Savor the subtle beauty of Sōtatsu’s art while sipping from one of these porcelain Smithsonian Sōtatsu Fanfare Mugs with striking fan handles. Made with gold mica to more closely emulate the original painting, they can be hand-washed only and are not microwaveable. They will arrive beautifully gift boxed.