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Sarang Raga (detail)

Sarang Raga (detail). from the Sirohi Ragamala; India, Rajasthan, Sirohi, ca. 1680–90; Opaque watercolor and gold on paper, 23.2 x 17.8 cm; Freer Gallery of Art, F1992.18.

Yoga and Visual Culture: An Interdisciplinary Symposium


Thursday, November 21

6.30–6.45pm   Opening Remarks

Yoga and the Sculpted Body
Vidya Dehejia, Columbia University, New York City

6.45–7.30pm   Keynote Lecture

Inward Journeys: Yoga and Pilgrimage
B.N. Goswamy, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Friday, November 22

9-9.30am   Coffee, Freer Conference Room

9.30–11.00am   Session 1: Yoga and Place

Session Chair: Qamar Adamjee, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Yoga as Architecture
Michael W. Meister, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The Medieval Indian Yoga Studio: Locating Places of Practice through Architecture, Image, and Text
Tamara I. Sears, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Bhakti as Yoga: Traces of Devotional Transformation in Seventeenth-century Bengal
Pika Ghosh, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

11-11.15am   Break

11.15–12.15pm   Session 2: The Buddha and Yoga

Session Chair: Jessa Farquhar, University of California, Los Angeles

Holiness, Heat, and Hunger: Sculpting States of Mind
Robert DeCaroli, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

The Buddha as the Yogin: The Making of a Nationalist Art History
Sugata Ray, University of California, Berkeley

12.15–2.00pm   Lunch Break

12.30-12.50pm   Movement, Breath, and Silence

Twenty-minute guided practice using simple asana, pranayama, and pratyahara tools
Maryam Ovissi, owner of Beloved Yoga, Virginia

2.00–3.00pm   Session 3: Tantra

Session Chair: Vidya Dehejia, Columbia University, New York City

Yogi, Jackal, and Goddess in Hindu Tantric Yoga
David Gordon White, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Yoga of the Yoginīs: Mapping the Goddesses’ Powers in Text and Image
Shaman Hatley, Concordia University, Montreal

3.00–4.00pm  Session 4: Asanas & Naths

Session Chair: Debra Diamond, Freer and Sackler Galleries

From Tapas to Hard Yoga: The History of the Āsanas of Haṭha Yoga
James Mallinson, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

A Case Study of Bahr al-hayat
Carl W. Ernst, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Saturday, November 23

10.00–12.00pm   Session 5: Yoga and Print Culture

Session Chair: Sita Reddy, independent scholar

Nath Yogis in Mughal and Rajasthani Painting
Rosemary Crill, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Strange and Wondrous: Early Modern European Views of Yogis
Robert J. Del Bontà, independent scholar

Austerity and Excess: Framing Contradiction in the Figure of the Indian Yogi
Hope Marie Childers, Alfred University, New York

The Yogi, the Magician, and the Scientist: Discourses of Modernity in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Representations of Yoga and Stage Magic
Patton Burchett, New York University

12.00–1.00pm   Lunch Break

1.00–2.00pm   Session 6: Modern Yoga

Session Chair: Cathryn Keller, independent scholar

Visions of Patañjali as an Authority on Yoga
Gudrun Bühnemann, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Photographing the Modern Yoga Body
Mark Singleton, St. John’s College, Santa Fe

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