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in The Peacock Room Comes to America

Contribute to the dynamic history of the Peacock Room by virtually adopting one of the ceramics Charles Lang Freer chose to display along the walls of blue and gold. Support the Freer Gallery of Art's exhibition The Peacock Room Comes to America, which for the first time allows visitors to see the room as it looked in Freer's Detroit home in 1908—and to have their names displayed below their chosen ceramic objects on this website.

Most visitors to the Freer know the Peacock Room as it was designed by American artist James McNeill Whistler in 1876. Whistler favored the blue-and-white Chinese porcelains now on view in the Freer's Chinamania exhibition. The Peacock Room Comes to America instead features the 254 ceramics Freer installed in the room to help envision his plans for the Freer Gallery of Art. Freer collected these ceramics from countries as diverse as Egypt, Iran, Japan, China, and Korea. With their subtle glazes and surface textures, Freer's ceramics are absorbing individually and as part of the full installation, which Freer thoughtfully designed to form a harmonized whole.

The Peacock Room Comes to America is on display at the Freer from April 2011 to January 2016. The exhibition and its accompanying website, The Story of the Beautiful, explore Whistler's influence on Freer and draw on Freer's ceramics to illuminate the cultural interplay between Asian and American art at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Browse through the following selection of Freer's ceramics. Choose the object you wish to adopt and fill out the Adopt-a-Pot form, making sure to include the accession number (example: F1905.123) along with your fully tax-deductible donation of $500 per item. You may adopt as many ceramics as you wish, but each pot may be adopted only once. Your name will then appear with your adopted ceramic(s) on this website.

For more information or assistance with this adoption program, please call 202-633-0432.

View Ceramics from:

The north wall of the Peacock Room
The south wall of the Peacock Room
The east wall of the Peacock Room
The west wall of the Peacock Room

The Freer and Sackler Galleries gratefully acknowledge these recent adoptions:

In memory of Peg and Pat Hurley, sponsoring F1901.64, East Wall.

Anh and James, sponsors of F1902.63, North Wall.

Jo H. Kincaid, sponsor of F1892.26, West Wall.

Jeffery P. Cunard, sponsor of F1892.26, West Wall.

In memory of Cornelia Machen Geddes, sponsoring F1894.3, East Wall.

Peggy and Dick, sponsors of F1896.84, East Wall.

In Honor of David T. Mowry, sponsoring F1897.33, North Wall.

Jay and Janet Hawley, sponsors of F1901.61, North Wall, in honor of their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

On behalf of the Friends of the Freer House at Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute, Wayne State University, sponsoring F1902.244, West Wall.

Melissa Calvert, sponsors of F1903.234, East Wall.

Alice Tracy, sponsor of F1904.144, North Wall.

In memory of Nasser Ahari, sponsoring F1905.41, West Wall.

Marvin and Pat Gordon, sponsor of F1905.79, South Wall.

Mr. Gary O. Davis, great-grandson of Whistler patron and subject F.R. Leyland and Rosa Laura Caldecott, sponsor of F1907.38, South Wall.

For Jody, with love, on our 34th anniversary, sponsoring F1907.73a-b, South Wall.

archival photo of the north wall of the Peacock Room.

archival photo of the South wall of the Peacock Room.

archival photo of the east wall of the Peacock Room.

archival photo of the west wall of the Peacock Room.

Above: The Peacock Room at Freer's house, Detroit, 1908. From the top: current north wall, south wall, east wall, west wall. Photographs by George R. Swain. Charles Lang Freer Papers, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives.

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