Jades for Life and Death

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Various approaches allow you to see all of the pieces currently included in this online catalogue. Search contents with the faceted search tool or type in a common keyword. View curator-selected highlights of the collection. Use a map to locate groups of Liangzhu Culture jades by the places they were reportedly found, or browse the entire contents of this catalogue through the infinite search. Once you access entries, you can look at curatorial records, archival materials, and more information for each object.


This map links objects with archaeological information associated with specific locations in China.


This unit features previous owners of jades that are now in the Freer│Sackler.


Read an article on Charles Lang Freer’s Neolithic jade collection, analytical work done on Freer and Sackler jades, and an essay in Chinese on the history of archaeological activity at Neolithic Liangzhu 良渚 culture sites.


Watch documentaries and interviews with jade specialists here.


Research archival material, selected past publications, and a subject bibliography. Link to the Google Cultural Institute to explore an installation of early Chinese jades in the Freer Gallery of Art.

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Feel free to download high-resolution images for non-commercial use only. Review the rights statement and terms of use at the end of each object entry before you click on Save this image. Credit all images with “Courtesy of Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.”