Jades for Life and Death

Previous Owners of F|S Ancient Jades

The ancient jades featured here came from these people and sources. Click on a name to see previously owned objects. Names in bold also have biographical information.

Dietrich Abbes
Col. Lewis F. Acker (1897-1963)
Arthur M. Sackler Foundation, New York, NY (founded 1965)
Abel William Bahr (1877-1959)
Edna H. Bahr (died 1978)
Alice Boney (1901 - 1988)
C.T. Loo & Company (active 1908-1950)
Carter Fine Art Limited
Charlottesville/Albemarle Foundation for the Encouragement of the Arts
Duanfang 端方 (1861-1911)
Edward J. Koch Antiques
Robert Hatfield Ellsworth (1929-2014)
Frank Caro (1904-1980)
Charles Lang Freer (1854-1919)
Katharine Meyer Graham (1917 - 2001)
Desmond Gure (1905 - 1970)
Therese and Erwin Harris
Mrs. Christian R. Holmes (1871 - 1941)
Huang Jun 黃濬 (1888-1944)
Hwang Chung-huei 黃中慧 (ca. 1870-after 1923)
J.T. Tai & Co.
Lai-Yuan and Company 來遠公司
Lee Van Ching 李文卿 (ca. 1869 - 1931)
Elizabeth Meyer Lorentz (1913 - 2001)
Agnes E. Meyer (1887-1970)
Elizabeth Meyer
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer ((1875-1959) and (1887-1970))
Eugene I. Meyer Jr. (1875 - 1959)
Pa Ku Cha
Parke-Bernet Galleries
Pennington's Antiques
Dr. Arthur M. Sackler (1913-1987)
Dr. Paul Singer (1904-1997)
Jun Tsei Tai 戴潤齋 (1911 - 1992)
Tonying and Company 通運公司
K.T. Wong 王鑑堂
Wu Dacheng 吳大澂 (1835-1902)
You Xiaoxi 游篠溪 (late 19th-early 20th century)
Yamanaka and Co.