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Detail from Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains after Huang Gongwang

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Gary Snyder: Mountains and Rivers without End

About the Event

In July 12, 2008, Gary Snyder visited the Freer and Sackler Galleries and as part of the museum’s Celebration of East Asian Painting and Poetry, exploring how visual and literary artists create a sense of movement through landscape with their art forms. The celebration, held in conjunction with the Sackler exhibition, Yellow Mountain: China's Ever-Changing Landscape, included poetry readings, conversations, gallery talks, and hands-on landscape painting workshops for adults.

During his visit, Dr. Snyder read from his work, Mountains and Rivers without End—a transposition of the art of East Asian landscape painting into a poetic expedition across the world. He described his multi-year journey of creating the work and reflected on the important role that the Freer scroll, Mountains and Rivers Without End, played in this process. His inspirational presentation illuminated the intersections among art, spirituality, nature, and human life.

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