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Open F|S User Guide

Welcome to Open F|S, a digital collection of the works in the Freer and Sackler Galleries. These images can be browsed by anyone anywhere in the world and can be used for any non-commercial purpose, including teaching.

Finding Open F|S:

Open a new tab in your web browser. You can directly paste the link to Open F|S (open.asia.si.edu) into the address bar, as shown below:

Screen shot: Open F|S browser view

Using the Search Bar:

Once you are on the Open F|S homepage, you can search for a specific work or group of works using two distinct methods. The first one is using the search bar, circled below.

Screen shot: Open F|S search bar

In this search bar, you can type in any keyword, such as the title of an artwork or an artist’s name, and then press Enter on your keyboard to perform the search. You can also search for several keywords at once by separating them with commas, as shown below.

Screen shot: Open F|S search keywords

Browsing the Collection:

The second method to search Open F|S is using the Browse By options in the left-hand column.

Screen shot: Open F|S browse column

You can use these categories, such as Object Type and Place, to narrow the search results. Click on a category to open its subcategories and to see the number of works in each one.

Screen shot: Open F|S subcategories

You can further narrow your results by selecting multiple categories. For example, if you select “metalwork,” “China,” “Han dynasty,” and “ornaments,” you will see only metal ornaments from Han dynasty China.

Screen shot: Open F|S multiple categories

Clicking on one of the resultant images will bring you to that artwork’s page, where you’ll find information such as the date, medium, and accession number.

Clicking anywhere on the image will enlarge it in a new window.

Screen shot: Open F|S zoom feature

In this view, you can zoom in or out by clicking on the object or using the toolbar on the bottom right.

Screen shot: Open F|S image views

Objects on View:

To see only those objects that are currently on view in the Freer and Sackler Galleries, select the On View category in the left-hand column, and then select Yes.

Screen shot: Open F|S currently on view

If your search results do not include any objects on view, the On View filter will not appear in the Browse By menu.

Screen shot: Open F|S search results

For more helpful tips and tricks, click on the gray question mark icon to the right of the search bar.

Have fun! And if you do use Open F|S in your teaching, please share how and why by emailing asiateachers@si.edu. Your students’ work may be featured in an F|S blog post!

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