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Welcome to Phase 1 of Open F|S, the complete digitized collections of the Freer and Sackler Galleries and the Freer Study Collection.

Images can be used for all non-commercial purposes, from desktop wallpapers to artistic gifts for family and friends.

For permission to use high-resolution images commercially, contact Rights and Reproduction.

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Headdress ornament in the form of a moth
Headdress ornament i…
Shakyamuni Buddha in a full shrine
Shakyamuni Buddha in…
Maitreya, the Future Buddha
Maitreya, the Future…
Tara (one of the Famed Twenty-one Tara Emanations)
Tara (one of the Fam…
The Empress Dowager, Tze Hsi, of China
The Empress Dowager,…
Headdress ornament in the form of a flower and butterfly
Headdress ornament i…
Single-prong hairpin in the form of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly
Single-prong hairpin…
Hair ornament in the form of a butterfly
Hair ornament in the…
Headdress ornament in the form of a phoenix
Headdress ornament i…

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